Moss at the Lake    Moneta, VA

Moss at the Lake

The Moss at the Lake Chapter was organized in March 1995 and has approximately twenty-five active members.

Contact Person

Evelyn T. Cundiff, President

(540) 721-3490


The chapter meets on the second Sunday of every other month, beginning in January, at the first Virginia Bank in Burnt Chimney at 3:00 P.M.

Current Projects:

Past Activities:
Held raffle for MADD twice with proceeds of about $1,700.00. Asked Pat to do Franklin Count High School Print for scholarship fund for a learning disabled student. Held several parties for nursing home residents. Our main project is selling the "School's Out" print of Franklin County High School to benefit our scholarship fund for a learning disabled student, along with a raffle of the same print for the same fund.

Remarks to Potential Members:
We try to help the less fortunate persons or students who seem to be overlooked by society. Our goal is to make a difference, in some way, in the lives of some of these citizens.