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Moss Society Frequently Asked Questions
What is the contact information for the Society, Portfolio, Foundation, and Museum/Barn? top of page

P. Buckley Moss Society
74 Poplar Grove Lane
Mathews, VA 23109
Phone: (800) 430-1320
Email: society@pbuckleymoss.com

P. Buckley Moss Galleries, Ltd.
74 Poplar Grove Lane
Mathews, VA 23109
Phone: (800) 430-1320 and (804) 725-7378
Web Site: www.pbuckleymoss.com
Email: salespbm@pbuckleymoss.com

Moss Foundation
108 S. Wayne Ave.
Waynesboro, VA 22980
Phone: (540) 932-1728
Fax: (540) 941-8865
Web Site: www.mossfoundation.org
Email: foundation@mossfoundation.org

Waynesboro Gallery/Barn
329 W. Main Street
Waynesboro, VA 22980
Phone: (540) 949-6473
Web Site: www.pbuckleymoss.com/waynesboro.html
Email: waynesborogallery@pbuckleymoss.com

Blacksburg Gallery/Barn
223 Gilbert Street
Blacksburg, VA 24060
Phone: (540) 552-6446
Web Site: www.pbuckleymoss.com/blacksburg.html
Email: blacksburggallery@pbuckleymoss.com

How can I join or renew a membership in the Society? top of page
To join or renew a membership in the Society just submit a membership form with your dues. You can do this by mail, phone, or online right here at our web site. When renewing please note your membership number.

What is my membership number? top of page
Your membership number is special to you and only you. You have your membership number forever and we do not recycle them. You can find your number on the back of a renewal brooch, on your membership card, on a Sentinel newsletter near your address, or on a member's only print. If you need assistance with your membership number, please email or call us with your full name and address and we can locate it for you. society@pbuckleymoss.com (800) 430-1320

I'm a member and I need to change my address, telephone, email, or other personal data. How can I do this? top of page
Keeping us up-to-date with your current information is the best way to ensure that all Society correspondence reaches you successfully. You may mail, phone, or email us your new information. Please include your name and Society membership number. society@pbuckleymoss.com (800) 430-1320

What are Society Chapters? top of page
The Society's Chapters perform charity works in their local areas. They raffle Moss prints, donate time, and all sorts of activities for charity. You must be a member of the national Society in order to join a local Chapter. We have more information about Chapters here at our web site.

What are Commemorative Walkway Bricks and how can I order one? top of page
The Commemorative Walkwayconsists of over 500personalized bricks that have been installed at the P. Buckley Moss Barn in Waynesboro, VA. You can get more information or purchase them over the phone (540-932-1728) or on the Foundation website.

How can I request a print donation from the Charity Print Collection? top of page
For detailed information, please visit the Charity Print Collection web page.

How can I apply for the Judith Cary Scholarship? top of page
For detailed information, please visit the Foundation's Scholarship web page. If you need an application form, contact the P. Buckley Moss Foundation by email or phone. foundation@mossfoundation.org (540) 932-1728

I want to know more about Moss prints, dolls, plates, books, children's books, note cards, stockings, cross stitch, pillows, tote bags, posters, and any other retail item. top of page
The Moss Portfolio handles all of these items. Please visit their web site or email them for more information: www.pbuckleymoss.com | salespbm@pbuckleymoss.com

Where is the closest Moss Gallery Dealer? top of page
The Moss Portfolio's web site lists all of the galleries: www.pbuckleymoss.com




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