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"Free Spirit"
2009 Members-Only Giclée

2009 Members-Only Giclée
Above is the 2009 Members-Only Giclée entitled "Free Spirit." Pat painted this image in 1977 and touched up some age-damaged areas in 2007. It was printed without Pat’s authorization sometime between 1977 and 1979 and was never titled or signed. A few of these early prints were probably sold before the publisher was stopped and the unsold prints (most of this edition and some other images too) were destroyed by court order.

Pat has always wanted to re-release the image as an authorized edition. With the advent of the giclée print, she has found the ideal medium to do so. Pat thought it would be a nice compliment to the Society to release this edition through the Society’s membership, many of whose members have been collectors of Pat’s art since the seventies when Pat painted this piece.

The edition is printed on the finest of printing papers, using archival, pigmented inks developed to withstand the adverse effects of time. This time-consuming reproduction process is the closest to capturing the color and texture of the original watercolor. With an image size of 10.5" by 34", this is an exceptional price at $600.

If you are not a Society member and would like to purchase this piece, The Moss Portfolio will pay for your first year as a Society member! This is a wonderful offer. Go here to see the benefits of membership.

To order the 2009 Members-Only Giclée, "Free Spirit," turn in to your dealer the redemption card on the back of your April 2009 Sentinel newsletter. As soon as the card is redeemed, the giclée will become available. This item will be available for $600 until the edition is sold out. It is limited to only 250 copies.

If you have misplaced your redemption card, please contact the Society office for a replacement (800) 430-1320. If you need assistance locating a Moss dealer, please call The Moss Portfolio at (800) 430-1320 or visit their web site, www.pbuckleymoss.com, for a complete listing.

More About Our Members-Only Giclées
The Society released its first ever Members-Only Giclée (pronounced zhee-clay) in 2005. Giclées are stunning to behold, and nothing comes as close to an original painting.

Pat's giclées are produced at the highest level of quality. They are printed with pigmented inks on archival watercolor paper to ensure a long-lasting, more fade-resistant image. Each piece is closely monitored while being printed, and printing can take over 30 minutes!

"The Walkway"
2005 Members-Only Giclée

"Just Visiting"
2006 Members-Only Giclée

"By the Light of the Moon"
2007-2008 Members-Only Giclée




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