Moss Society Membership Overview

The P. Buckley Moss Society has two exclusive members only programs, one for adults and one for children 19 years of age and under. When you are a member of the adult or junior program you receive a membership rewards card, a porcelain membership brooch/pin, a small black and white print and the opportunity to purchase a Members-Only Print.

These membership programs help us administer and maintain our charity works and scholarships. Members also have the option to join a local chapter of the Society. Being a member of a chapter not only gives you the satisfaction that you are helping local charities, but it also entitles you to other special benefits.

You can become a member by filling out an application online or over the phone.

Society Membership Programs:

New member recruitment:

When current members of the Society recruit a new member, a recruitment voucher for $5 off membership will be issued to the recruiting member! This voucher can be used toward their next renewal dues.

This program not only has a monetary benefit to you, but it also helps strengthen your Society. When recruiting a new member all you need to do is list your name and membership number on the new members' form, and you'll receive a voucher in the mail. It's that easy!